Save time and engage your patients.

The AAD has partnered with VisualDx to bring AAD members the latest dermatology app that can save time, aid in decision-making, and engage patients.

The Value of VisualDx

When providers are unsure of a diagnosis, VisualDx is the go-to tool for fast, accurate support. Quickly build a differential to evaluate the possibilities, compare variations, and improve diagnostic accuracy at the point of care.

More images. More diagnoses.

VisualDx now covers more than 3,000 rare and common conditions represented by over 41,000 images and 3,500 Sympticons™.

Speed to answer.

Smart search by chief complaint, diagnosis, or medication.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Access to specialists, colleges, and educators is unlimited. VisualDx is always on call. Mobile. Tablet. Desktop.

Quiz feature.

Available on all mobile platforms and featuring images from the vast VisualDx image collection, the quiz improves pattern recognition and assists exam preparation.

What our customers say:

"VisualDx, with its comprehensive image collection, is an invaluable resource. No other product shows the range of presentations and the variations of disease. this is a must-have tool for medical training as well as diagnostic support, therapy, and patient education."


"I use VisualDx because it increases my knowledge and confidence to ensure I am doing my best as a health care provider. Which means I am able to provide better care for my patients."



Purchase VisualDx today!

List price $399

AAD Member price: $319

Free mobile access included.

Your subscription includes access for Apple and Android devices. Simply download the app and enter your username and password to get started.

Top rated app

by students at Harvard and UPenn.

18% increase in diagnostic accuracy

for students and residents using VisualDx.

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