Improve Diagnostic Thinking in Medical Education

VisualDx is trusted and used by top medical schools around the world.

The Value of VisualDx

Differential diagnosis builder. Custom workup facilitates logical clinical reasoning to establish good diagnostic skills.

Improves pattern recognition. Understand and review variations of disease to enhance patient care.

Understand and see the variations of disease to improve patient care.

Real-time digital curriculum.

Put the focus on patient safety and health care quality by providing evidence at the point of care.

What our customers say:

“I typically use VisualDx as a resource for rotating medical students during clinic primarily for the high quality images, including the range of presentations of any given disease. A number of our residents have shared with me that they love it and use it on consults especially, not only for the images, but for classic descriptions of diseases.”


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increase in diagnostic accuracy for students and residents using VisualDx.

Used by

Top Medical Schools

including Harvard, UPenn, DukeNAS, and Stanford.

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