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A 7-year-old boy was brought to the pediatrician by his mother. They had recently resettled in the United States after more than a year in a crowded refugee camp. His mother pointed out some areas of non-scarring alopecia and fine scaly plaques on the child’s scalp. He had complained about scalp tenderness and itching for the last couple of months.

What's the diagnosis?

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"The wound's appearance reminded me of an image I had seen on a previous VisualDx quiz so I pulled out the application. I typed the most specific aspect of the wound I could think of: pathergy. The second result on the list popped out to me: pyoderma gangrenosum. Reading the description, I realized this may well be [my patient's] diagnosis."


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"These quizzes are important to our readers because while some rheumatic conditions are known to be associated with skin manifestations, it is not as well known that cardiology and endocrinology conditions can sometimes manifest as skin conditions."


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