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Today's frontline healthcare workers have longstanding confidence in VisualDx for emerging infectious diseases as well as common, everyday conditions.

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Although the current COVID-19 crisis is vastly different from the anthrax events of 2001-2002, there is one key similarity: All other diagnoses that people develop still occur with the same frequency. This means that busy frontline physicians must continue to diagnose and treat all the other diagnoses and handle the worried well. It is imperative that we keep non-emergent patients out of the hospital delivery system and simultaneously empower the frontline physicians and other healthcare workers.

COVID-19 Resources


COVID-19 Differential

Download a PDF with the COVID-19 differential, which includes influenza, common cold, and adenovirus.

VisualDx Diagnosis Page

For customers, visit the diagnosis page of COVID-19 in VisualDx. We continue to update this page as knowledge of the diagnosis develops.

Public Health Information

For non-customers, visit our public health information page with diagnosis details and images of COVID-19. This page is also updated regularly.

VisualDx Response to Anthrax Events and Smallpox Vaccination Education

“And to you and your group, a special thank you. If even 10% of those we are involved with at the moment fulfilled 50% of what they had promised, it would be a different world! But you are doing it all and for that we are very grateful. Trying to keep a team and group as large as ours at virtually full throttle for a few months, let alone a year, is exhausting. It is nice to have a group that doesn’t need our special push but, instead, are pushing us!”

Director of HHS Office of Public Health Preparedness 2001-2003
Director WHO Global Eradication of Smallpox Program
White House Associate Director for Life Sciences in the Office of Science and Technology Policy
Dean Emeritus of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
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Public Health Reporting

Following the anthrax events, leaders of city, county, and state public health departments understood the need for a dual-use information strategy. VisualDx empowers busy clinicians with broad diagnostic support targeted at reducing false positives and making diagnosis more accurate. VisualDx also has functionality that gives local public health departments the ability to insert mandatory communicable disease reporting information into the VisualDx system. These capabilities can be enabled instantly for users in any geographic region.

Every Second Counts

Right now, government and hospitals are intensely focused on the need for critical protective supplies, beds, and manpower. At VisualDx, we will continue to do our best to supply and adapt the critical information infrastructure for accurate diagnosis and patient management.

Supporting clinical decision-making is our expertise. If you are with a health department, please contact us to learn more about how we can customize VisualDx for all your clinicians at the county, city, or state level.

If you are a hospital or clinic and not a current subscriber, please contact us for 3 months of pilot access at no cost to you.

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