Virtual Care for Skin Conditions

As the situation around COVID-19 has forced healthcare online, VisualDx is here to help you work with your dermatology patients. We are your resource to make your patient's televisit efficient.

5 Tips for Taking Good Photos

VisualDx understands the importance of a clear and concise photo for helping in diagnosing skin conditions when patients aren't in the room. We've created a website for you to share with your patients, complete with 5 tips to help your patients. Please share with your patients before their teledermatology call.

See 5 tips for patients taking photos

Learn how to share VisualDx images and patient handouts in a telemedicine visit.
live telemedicine
Patient uses video to share skin problem

Share Images During Televisits

Build patient trust and confidence, educate, and reduce patient anxiety. Scroll to appropriate images and show them to your patient as you video conference with them.

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Physician live video/audio interaction with patient
Physician screenshares VisualDx photos building patient confidence

Patient Handouts

Build trust and confidence with your patient after diagnosis by emailing one of our 300 patient handouts. Each handout clearly summarizes the diagnosis and treatment plan. Emailing a handout is an easy process.

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Learn how to share VisualDx images and patient handouts in a telemedicine visit.

VisualDx Telehealth Guidance System

VisualDx is here for you while you are here for your patients. Our standardized clinical information provides easy-to-follow diagnosis decision support. Whether it is quick therapeutic guidance, checking a medication adverse event or sending a patient handout, VisualDx will make you more efficient, accurate and have your patients thanking you.

Use VisualDx for:

  • Therapy guidance
  • Differential diagnosis for difficult cases
  • Patient education during the telehealth visit
  • Email a patient handout
  • Earn CME for each encounter
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Patient Resource: Aysa

Aysa is a free smartphone app (for iOS and Android) that educates and informs your patients.

Created using the same technology as VisualDx, Aysa allows the user to take a photo of their skin condition. After the photo is analyzed using machine learning and the VisualDx knowledge base, Aysa presents a personalized list of potential results.

More than 200 common skin conditions are described in clear, simple language with actionable next steps. This is a wonderful resource to recommend to your patients.

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screenshot of the aysa app by visualdx

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