IMPACT = Improving Medicine’s Power to Address Care and Treatment


Project IMPACT is a global effort brought to you by VisualDx to reduce disparities in medicine and highlight the role of technology to bridge gaps of knowledge and improve care.

Our Core Values

  1. We believe health care providers who evaluate and treat dermatologic conditions should be able to recognize disease in all skin colors.
  2. We believe technology that brings images and information to the point of care can reduce biases in medicine by bridging knowledge gaps.
  3. We believe it is imperative to address health care disparities and to work towards health equity for all citizens of the world.

Skin Disease Presentation in Different Skin Colors

Recognizing how diseases present on all skin types is key in reducing diagnostic error and improving patient care. Unfortunately, many professional resources often do not adequately provide medical education on diseases in skin of color. VisualDx has been committed to reducing bias in medical knowledge for 20 years. A recent JAAD study showed that “VisualDx demonstrates pathology on dark skin in remarkably high proportion to other resources." 1

1. Alvarado SM, Feng H, Representation of dark skin images of common dermatologic conditions in educational resources: a cross-sectional analysis, JAAD (2020), Published June 10, 2020.

What is VisualDx?

VisualDx is an award-winning application designed to enhance diagnostic accuracy, aid therapeutic decisions, and improve patient safety. Features include the world’s best medical image library to make timely clinical decisions. See how to use our Skin of Color feature within the product:

VisualDx is an app for the web or smartphone. Begin your 30-day free trial today with an exclusive Project IMPACT offer.

Key Research

In the News

Special Webinar Series on Skin of Color

VisualDx, NEJM Group, and Skin of Color Society teamed up for an important four-part webinar series, “The Impact of Skin Color and Ethnicity on Clinical Diagnosis and Research.”

Watch the series and review educational resources from VisualDx.

Project IMPACT Blog

We will be regularly featuring conditions and how they present on skin of color.

condition spotlight image

Detecting Skin Cancer in Skin of Color

Individuals with darker skin are historically less likely to be screened for skin cancer; an example of racial disparity in medicine and an opportunity for all dermatologists to improve our detection skills.

Patient Tools

Skinsight is a consumer website to look up information on rashes and various skin conditions.

Aysa is an AI-empowered app for patients. Have patients take a picture of a skin condition and get personalized guidance and information.

screenshot of the visualdx plus dermexpert app

About Us

Leading Project IMPACT:

Nada Elbuluk, MD, MSc, FAAD

Director, Clinical Impact, VisualDx, Board-Certified Dermatologist

What drew you to your passion for skin of color, ethnic skin conditions, and pigmentary disorders?

I was intrigued by the dermatologic conditions which were unique to skin of color and which presented differently in skin of color. I wanted to understand more about how to effectively treat these conditions and help these patients.

What drew you to the role of Director of Clinical Impact at VisualDx?

My interest in diversity and inclusion as well as health equity and improving healthcare disparities. The opportunity with VisualDx was unique in allowing me to continue to expand on the diversity, equity, and inclusion work that I’ve been doing and has allowed me to take it further to a national and global level. VisualDx is a powerful medical technology platform which I have used for years since I was a medical student and which I think has the ability to transform and impact medicine in a positive way that can directly improve healthcare disparities and improve health equity.

Join the #ProjectIMPACT Community

Improving health equity is a goal which will take a collaborative and dedicated effort. There are many ways to be part of #ProjectIMPACT and help make a difference. Join us and feel free to share your ideas, feedback, and how you’d like to get involved below:

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