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VisualDx provides the only decision support app that can save time, aid in decision-making, and engage patients. Bring the power of VisualDx to medical education with the resources below.

The Value of VisualDx

VisualDx is a patented health resource created by world-renowned specialists that can help you:

Create a differential diagnosis for your patient using their specific symptoms.

Smart search by disease for quick testing and therapy options or use our differential builder for a custom patient workup.

Use more than 42,000 of the best medical images available to see the variation of disease presentation.

Access to specialty-level knowledge at the point of care - it's like having a specialist over your shoulder.

Enhance your patients' satisfaction. Share images and patient handouts with your patients to build confidence and strengthen your relationship.

LearnDerm: Free Dermatology Education Resource

Fine-tune your dermatology terminology and test your visual diagnostic skills with this free online tutorial. Five lessons include material in every area of the dermatology fundamentals as well as self-paced tests.

INFORMED: Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection

The INFORMED (INternet curriculum FOR Melanoma Early Detection) program was developed to provide a Web-based early detection training program available for widespread use that is grounded in the realities of primary care delivery, and which includes a deep image database. Note: INFORMED requires that you activate your Flash plug-in and works best on a desktop or laptop.

VisualDx Medical Education Resources

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Great Cases for Dermatology Vol. 1

See the variation in presentation for 10 dermatology cases. Can you arrive at the right diagnosis?

Great Cases for Dermatology Vol. 2

Presenting 10 more dermatology unknowns.

Great Cases for Pediatrics

Take a look at the variation of disease on infants and children. Can you identify these diagnoses?

Case-Based Teaching of Diagnostic Clinical Decision Support

Help students learn to use clinical decision support with a case-based approach.

Teaching Diagnostic Error Using Problem-Based Learning

This guide can help you teach the pitfalls that may lead to diagnostic error using an example case of cellulitis.

Quiz Yourself

Test your visual diagnostic skills using the VisualDx quiz on your mobile device. Images are presented with multiple choice answers. Compete against friends and students at other schools. Need to download VisualDx for mobile? Get started here to set up your account.

Every Monday, take part in our "What's the Diagnosis?" Quiz on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We present an image and case details and you can practice using VisualDx to build a differential diagnosis.

Prefer to take the "What's the Diagnosis?" Quiz on your own time? Sign-up to receive the quiz in your email each week.

Resources for the Point of Care

The resources below are helpful to clinicians at the point of care when talking with patients about certain diagnoses or helping them understand best practices for prescribing antibiotics and opioids.


ABCDEs of Melanoma Identification

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Skin Cancer: Know the Facts

Click to download PDF

Mumps: What You Need to Know

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Antimicrobial Stewardship

The goal of antibiotic stewardship is to cure patient infections while at the same time minimizing the risks of antibiotic resistance and adverse side effects from antibiotics. Download a PDF explaining how to use VisualDx for antimicrobial stewardship. Access online resources.

Opioid Prescribing Resources

Learn about public health guidelines and protocols for prescribing opiates including substance use screening tools, non-opioid treatment options, prescription drug monitoring programs, and more.

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